The Sound of Silence

Nothing much coming from here today. I'm busier than a Bangkok whore with the 6th fleet in port. I'll give you a teaser though. Another short story is percolating through my gray matter. What will it be? Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy? Maybe some more porn? Find out tomorrow, or whenever it's finished brewing. The biggest problem with it right now is there are 3 endings and I can't pick which one I like best. Maybe I'll give you all three.

Oh, wait. I do have something quick to share. Captain Corelli's Mandolin was a decent movie destroyed by two things. The first was Nicolas Cage. Sorry, but he can never ever play a romantic lead. No matter what the character is supposed to portray you will never escape the image of Cage in Raising Arizona. And what was with that accent? He either got it from an intense one week session with a voice coach in the Bronx or from watching too many Olive Garden commercials. The second problem was the normally spectacular John Hurt who was almost but not quite completely unlike Roddy McDowell a Greek provincial doctor.

For the ladies - it's Karate Man!

Due to popular demand I present Heathony's dad!

What do we know about this fella? Well girls we can be reasonably sure that he's employed. These photos were taken behind Radio Shack and he's wearing a Radio Shack shirt! Either he works there or Heathony got Pops entered into a shirt giveaway at the Shack.

We know that Heathony is very fond of him. That's cool and says good things about his character.

We know that Heathony isn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier. That doesn't necessarily reflect on Karate Man himself but you know the old saying about fruit not falling far from the tree and all. Take it under advisement.

He was in the Air Force and that really doesn't tell us a whole lot except he couldn't get into the Navy and that he is very, very lazy.

Ha! I kid. I'm such a kidder. So he's a veteran and that's also very cool.

He has a lot of tattoos. This could indicate gang affiliation or show a predisposition for hepatitis or Aids. Then again he's a veteran so there's every chance in the world that he was never off on a drunken bender getting inked. We'd give mad props for the tats themselves but we can't really see any good looking ones. We'll reserve judgment on this one.

He's a kick boxer and looks to be in pretty decent shape. A bit of the Steven Seagal paunch showing up but otherwise quite solid looking.

From that last picture we see that he keeps his truck very tidy. A clean truck is a sign of an orderly mind (or a disturbed one). Speaking of the truck, he's driving and maintaining a 20 year old vehicle so we know he's frugal (or cheap). Okay, this one's a wash too.

One thing we know for sure is that Karate Man wants you. Yes, you. And he's going to get you too because he is indeed Karate Man. Just look into his eyes. Oh yea, baby. Oh yeah.