What's your superpower?

My previous post got me thinking about superpowers. My favorite wouldn't really be the projectile dootie I linked to before. I'm not really sure what superpower I'd most like to have but it comes down to one of these three:

Polymorphic: That's a shapechanger for all y'all that's weak on your latin. That's like the blue naked lady in the X-Men movies. How cool would it be to look exactly the way you want to instantaneously? No more worries about bad hair days or having clean underwear. Just wake up, take a crap, poof into the look you want and you're out the door. Want to hang out at muscle beach? Poof, you're The Rock! Want to play runway model? Poof, you're Kate Moss! Want an ice cream but you left your wallet at home? Poof, you're a soulful eyed waif! In a fight with the Yakuza? Poof, you're superfast, superstrong, with skin harder than rhinocerous armor.

Flying: Yeah, I know it's common and trite but I've never lost my childhood desire to fly. This is the most common dream power I get, though I've gotten much slower as I've matured. A lot of times I'm really just gliding now. Still cool but I guess I'm feeling my age in my dreams.

Stopping Time: I used to have lots of fun imagining what it would be like to be able to stop time. This one has loads of opportunity for mischief (and outright criminal behavior). Sure, you could save the heroine by stopping the bullet inches before it hits her and moving her out of the way. Sure, you could save the four kids in the back seat of the runaway car just before it heads off of the bridge/cliff/parking ramp. But think of all the things you could do in your time off...every beach is a nude beach for the person who can stop time. And it's only the people you want to see nude who are nekkid. Money is no object. Well, I guess it's still an object it's just a really easy to reach object. Anything that you want is yours for the taking and as long as you're taking it from bad guys and jerk-offs your concience is clear, right? That is so sweet.

Two weeks to home ownership

The inspection went well, more on that later. First we talk about the purchase. There's been a bit of back and forth regarding when the sellers will vacate. Last night featured the signing of the latest (and last, please Lord?) version of the purchase/sale agreement. The biggest change is that we'll close on the 22nd instead of the 23rd and they'll vacate by the 26th (Saturday) instead of the 28th (Monday). Pretty cool, eh? We get the house for the weekend move instead of taking multiple weekdays off.

And get this - it was their change! Yeah, Lovely Wife wanted to give them time to move out so originally offered 10 days between the closing and boot-out dates. Our House Lady shortened that up a bit and then the sellers themselves shortened it up more. Fan-freaking-tastic! Why in the world wouldn't they want the option to stay longer just in case? Don't know, not going to worry about it.

Back to the inspection. Earl was awesome. Talk about thorough. He showed me parts of a house that I didn't know existed. Old timers here may recall that I used to help build houses. Yeah, Earl was good. To make matters even better, he had that fantastic central Georgia drawl that just oozes confidence about construction knowledge and other things of a manly nature (inclusive of coon dawgs and NASCAR). He also looks like a slightly older Sam Neill and if you can't rely on Dr.Grant then who can you rely on?

The inspection turned up a couple of things. He found everything that we had noted, everything that the sellers had disclosed and a few more. Nothing big, which is very cool. There's a condensation line from the air conditioning that stops at the foundation - that needs to run a few feet away from the foundation. A couple bushes need trimming to give proper clearances. Ground cover needs to be cut back away from vents. An outlet cover is missing in the main bath. The crawl space under the house needs a moisture barrier put down. Windows are painted shut. Little stuff like that.

No major items, nothing that the sellers should balk at fixing before the sale. Can I get a "boo-ya!"?